Knowing the Unknowable: Putting Psi to Work by Damien Broderick

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Mossbridge, J. (2015). Knowing the Unknowable: Putting Psi to Work by Damien Broderick. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 29(4). Retrieved from


Damien Broderick provides a lucid, engaging, and challenging description of how we might increase the “signal-to-noise” level of clairvoyance, telepathy, psychokinetic, and precognition effects so that they could be put to practical use to benefit humanity. Anyone working in psi research or applications should own and read this book. For those not working in the field, Knowing the Unknowable will be a valuable addition to the library of any statistician, psychologist, science historian, or student of psi who is motivated to learn more about the history of psi or understand how regularities in human responding can be used to help increase effect sizes derived from any behavioral dataset.


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