The Jersey Devil: Examining a Phenomenon Obscured by Myth

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Thadani, R. (2023). The Jersey Devil: Examining a Phenomenon Obscured by Myth. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 37(3), 448-464.


This descriptive study delves into the enigmatic nature of the “Jersey Devil,” an enduring legend of a cryptid from New Jersey (USA) while acknowledging its historical and folklore roots. The absence of tangible evidence regarding the alleged creature’s existence has often prompted explorations into metaphysical and supernatural explanations. Accordingly, three sets of theories about the creature’s origin are considered: terrestrial, interdimensional, and extraterrestrial. Events associated with the Jersey Devil compare well to, and might be linked with, documented flurries of accounts involving cryptids, UFOs, and high strangeness at alleged “paranormal” hotspots like Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and Point Pleasant in West Virginia. Caution is needed when considering esoteric theories, but the consistency of sightings over time might argue for the possibility of interdimensional or extraterrestrial entities. Finally, the paper discusses the notion of the Jersey Devil phenomenon serving as a control mechanism or a means of instilling fear of the unknown.
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