An Important Subject at the Institut Métapsychique International: Jeanne Laplace. The 1927–1934 Experiments

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Caratelli, G., & Felici, M. L. (2011). An Important Subject at the Institut Métapsychique International: Jeanne Laplace. The 1927–1934 Experiments. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 25(3). Retrieved from


Jeanne Laplace is a psychical subject who was studied extensively by Eugène Osty and his assistants at the Institut Métapsychique International (IMI) in Paris during the years 1927–1934. Since childhood, she had remarkable abilities, probably strengthened by two nervous “shocks” occurring when she was twelve and eighteen years old. Her abilities were rather regular in their manifestation though variable in their quality from one day to another, but they could be solicited at will. Before IMI, she had participated regularly for seven years as a medium in a spirit circle, until a reader of the Révue Metapsychique in 1926 introduced her to Eugène Osty, director of the Parisian institute, who at once convinced himself, after having tested Jeanne Laplace, of her abilities. To obtain paranormal knowledge, she had to feel a kind of “link” with the “target” person. The paranormal information occurred mainly through visions, gustatory, olfactory, and tactile hallucinations. In order of importance, after the visions, the paranormal information occurred as “impulsive words.” Two remarkable séances were conducted at IMI in Paris with the English researcher Harry Price. Her abilities were also studied by Henri Desoille in the form of paranormal diagnosis of diseases. Jeanne Laplace, at the IMI in Paris, showed herself to be a gifted subject; nevertheless some critical points remain concerning mainly the execution of the séances and the method of evaluation used.

Keywords:  Institut Métapsychique International—Jeanne Laplace—Eugène Osty—Harry Price—Henri Desoille—clairvoyance—metagnomy—paranormal knowledge

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